Blame it on the Cats

Dec 4, 2009, 12:35 AM |

Erstwhile suet blob and professional bed-wetter Aritsokatt -- on the verge of suffering a humiliating beat-down at the hands of the wildly popular Pretty Go Pale -- has reached a new level of absurdity in explaining his soon-to-be-completed defeat: his cats distracted him from the chess match!!! This pathetic excuse tops Aristokatt’s fabled alibi for why I was able to defeat him in a tennis match some years ago. Said Katt back then, explaining why he was slowed from getting to so many of my laser-like shots, “I had too many quarters in my pocket.”

Now, with defeat imminent, Katt has this to say about our current chess match: “[Move] 35 was Patches's [his cat] fault, [moves] 40 & 43 was Chester's [his other cat] fault. … That my excuse and Im sticking to it!!!”

Sad, isn’t it?