So . . . It Seems I'm Off To Jail

May 24, 2008, 3:36 AM |

Yes, the long arm of the law has reached out and plucked me from free society, it would appear.  Consequently, I’ll be pulling five days in the hoosegow beginning May 27, unless there is some sort of divine intervention.  Showing that I have my priorities in order, this situation has set me to thinking -- about chess, naturally.  Should I start up any new games that may not be completed before I hear the jail door slam shut, necessitating that I place myself on “vacation” at this site?  That is actually not the point of this blog entry; instead, it’s the term “vacation,” which is used here to indicate that a player will not be available to make moves within the time constraints of active chess games.


I would posit that most who’ve used the “vacation” mode here at haven’t actually been on a real vacation when doing so; I’ve only had to make minimal use of the “vacation” setting during my time at the site, and in those instances, it surely wasn’t because I was sunning myself on the beaches of Tahiti.  No, I suspect that most people turn to the “vacation” option when general life activities impede their ability to make moves in their chess games before timing out.  Perhaps one has a business trip that will keep them away from their games.  Or, an illness.  Maybe one’s internet service is going to be interrupted for some reason.  Could be any number of reasons – yes, even a real “vacation.”  But in most instances, I suspect it’s not the latter.


In any event (and because I trend egocentric), I’m more focused on my own reasons for using the “vacation” setting; and specifically, this particular situation involving my coming time in “Folsom.”  Because I enjoy playing chess, I’m tempted to start new games and not worry a whit about those matches almost certainly having to be interrupted while I go Dillinger.  If only . . . there was another name for the option other than “vacation.”  There’s just something, I dunno -- chafing, about saying I’m on “vacation,” when in reality I’ll be bedding down in a facility that has housed the likes of al Qaeda thug Zacharias Moussaoui, the D.C. snipers and CIA traitor Aldrich Ames – among other “notables.”  Perhaps a setting simply called “away” would make me feel better.


Oh well, on the positive side, there is this: When the criminal across from me asks, “What are you in for?” I can just reply, “I’m on vacation.”