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First Tournament.

Feb 5, 2016, 6:27 AM 1

Looks like tomorrow is the first time I'll be attending a USCF-rated tournament. At 19 years old, I sometimes wonder if it's a little to late for me to start getting serious about chess. I love the game, but I'm afraid passion will not always beat tactics and the raw experience and knowledge these players have. On a similar note, I was glad to find out that Kansas has two Grandmasters that are in the top 30 of Grandmasters in the U.S. How exciting is that? Little ol' Kansas having two of the world's greatest chess players. I know I would get destroyed, but it'd be awesome to play them, just once, whether in tournament or not. We'll see how the tournament goes. If I win or draw these top state players, then there's some potential in me, not yet fully realized. If I lose, then that's only motivation to get better. Either way, I'm playing chess, and am happy as such.

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