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Dominguez - Nakamura

Dominguez - Nakamura

Sep 23, 2013, 9:55 AM 0

Here are the notes I took on this game.  Nakamura's comments were pretty interesting on moves 23 and 25. 

Also, something wierd happened with Ivanchuck, I didn't understand the language but he had been helping with the commentary after his game was over then all of a sudden left, saying something in another language.  I'd love to know what was being said. 

I tried to make sure all lines and comments are from GM S. Tiviakov unless otherwise noted.  VI = Vladimir Ivanchuck

I'm going through the recorded broadcast just to finish up Wang-Caruana, I'll have it posted soon.

Also, is it ethically okay to list GM Tiviakov as the annotater?  He was doing the commentary and I was just copying what he said, but he wasn't signing his name to the analysis or anything.  Just wondering because I think I'm learning a lot from doing this so I'm going to keep it up.  Just didn't know how to present it correctly. 



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