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On learning and Stuff...

On learning and Stuff...

Oct 9, 2013, 7:27 PM 1

I learned a few things over the last couple days. 

First, I get frustrated because I work really hard and it seems like I don’t seem to get any better.  I have a medical issue that causes short term memory loss, so it’s an extra challenge, but I feel like I should be able to overcome it and see steady progress.  I watched Brooklyn Castle today and they mention that most chess progress comes in jumps.  You can study and practice a lot and seem like nothing is happening then all of a sudden it will click.  That gives me hope.  

Secondly, I’m a very competitive person.  I just started playing about a year and a half ago and for a long time, if I lost a game, it ruined my whole day.  I was pissed off.  I was always taught the phrase “Show me someone who doesn’t mind losing and I’ll show you a loser.” 

Then I saw the quote “In chess, winning comes from experience.  Experience comes from losing.”  That led me to lighten up on the drive, but I think I went too far.  I go into games thinking “Winning doesn’t matter, I just need to learn something.”

I think I need to find a middle point.  I was thinking of it like a defensive back in American football.  They have to come out intense, pushing for a win.  But they said a very important skill defensive backs have to have is a short memory because when they get beat, they’ve got to learn from it then forget it or it will affect the rest of their game.  I think this attitude is probably the balance I’m looking for.

In case anyone is actually reading this, the picture isn't meant to cause offense, just to be funny.  I'm a big fan of blondes.  Red heads too, but I'm getting off topic.  Women can be just as good at chess as men, I think.

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