#1: Bullet To Openings

Apr 4, 2017, 10:14 PM |

For a number of reasons, I've fallen a little behind on this. I started my deliberately incremental learning, but got insanely busy for the better part of two weeks and squandered the rest of what I might spend on this playing bullet. Fortunately, I went into my last session (about 5 games) intending to look into the openings. Unfortunately, doing that consciously probably messed with me a bit and I didn't end up doing very well in the games. As I need to remind myself as I'm doing this, not that it matters a lot. I could also simply pick a few past games at random and look into the openings. However, it's nice to see if I'm remembering what I want to remember, which I can gauge by playing more games (as long as I actually follow through with looking into stuff).

As I said above, I haven't been in the learning spirit for a few weeks, so it might take a little while to get into the groove of things (regardless, it never hurts to write everything down). In the beginning, I expect I'll try to look at too much too shallowly and write it verbosely, but I'll see what works as I go along.

The first game is a 2. c4 Caro-Kann where Black takes on d5 with the queen instead of waiting another move to take with the knight. That isn't as common, but it's a common advantageous IQP, so good to know.

In the next game, I faced a Classical Nimzo as Black, with White trying to build up with 5. e4!?. This isn't that common or great for White, but it's definitely closer to theory-necessary than normal. The Nimzo book covers a lot, but I'll learn it all over time. No need to remember everything tonight.
In the game, I just hung a queen on move 10.
The next game was also pretty embarrassing. But Open Fantasy (3. f3 dxe4) is killer if Black is clueless like I will be for a little while.
Last one is also a 2. c4 Caro-Kann. More mainstream though.
That's it for the day! Let's see how much I remember when I have to play these openings again.