My first club game

Sep 15, 2009, 1:43 PM |

I've just joined the local chess club and this is the first game I've played there. I played against a much stronger opponent (rated 1920 FIDE) and, as expected, I lost. I made two mistakes that cost me a pawn and a knight. I did conjure a small attack with a passed pawn on the 6th rank, but my opponent did not slip and didn't really give me a chance to fight for a draw or win after my mistakes.

I'm pretty proud of my play in the game, as I put up a real fight against a much stronger opponent and (apart from my two blunders) the whole game was played very accurately according to Rybka. The game is in the pgn viewer below, sidelines are given after each inaccurate move (you'll find there are not a lot of those!)

Enjoy, and please leave your comments!