In Memory Of A Great Dane - Starts in 2 days!

In Memory Of A Great Dane - Starts in 2 days!

Mar 6, 2018, 10:42 PM |

Dear Revolutionists and Friends of Asger,

on 26.March2018 its 1 year ago our best friend and SA gave up his body. We still miss him and the time together at the boards, in the group and conversations.

He loved Wagner Opera, Gambits, the pink Cormorant (once told a story about it) and making friends over the board during matches.

Lets keep him in our hearts and dedicate this special Tournament to him, with trophies

1. Wagner

2. Kopenhagen (where he lived)

3. Pink Cormorant


and of course the DANISH GAMBIT opening wink.png


The Tournament starts on 26. March and is divided in groups of 3 players, rated and with vacation possible.


Enjoy and have fun!


warm regards

Andrea, SA Asger`s Children of the Revolution