Challenge #1 2000+ cc rating


ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm most people might think this as a little far fetched but at the moment me and my close friend bosox1275 are going have a little competition to see who is going to reach 2000+ rating on cc (which i believe is within reach if only barely for both of us)

here are the rules

1. we cannot have over 75 games going at once

2.we have to beat at least 2 2000+ player on this road and 3 1900-2000 players

3.we have to atleast have a 1650+ average opponent rating at the end of this

4. added in by him personally whoever wins becomes the superior chess player among us (and gets called king for a month by the other)

so who do you think is gonna win

p.s. i will update our current progress every month

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