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Fritz 9 Analysis of Game - Pawlo v. Pyke

Jun 6, 2009, 4:43 PM 3

As requested by my friend Pawlo, I've decided to analyze our game in Fritz 9. There is a fairly large rating disparity between the two players; but it might offer some useful training opportunities nonetheless. The analysis is setup in the following manner:

I had Fritz 9 run a full analysis of the game, in a verbose fashion where possible (deciding not to put in the relative scores, although standard chess notation like "better than", "approximately equal", and etc does show up. A guide to chess notation that I find very useful can be found here: http://www.markalowery.net/Chess/Symbols/symbols.html

Now, the way I did it was, I took a screenshot of each position *before* the proposed variation, and then the result of the variation proposed. For example, let's say we were starting a new game, and White plays 1. e5, and Black plays, 1. a6. Fritz analyzes black's move, and says, 1. ... c5, 2. Nf3 Nc6 is a better variation for black.

I would then take a screenshot of 1. e5 (the position before black moved), and then of 2. ... Nc6 (the position after the variation Fritz proposes). This allows you to get an idea of the actual nature of the game.

That's the game above. Now, here's the analysis in Fritz.

Position A:
6. ... Nf6 [Actual Game for Black]

Position B:
9. f3 [Actual Game for White]

Position C:
Fritz Proposes Variation #1 to 9. ... Nxd4

Position D:
10. ... a6 [Actual Game for Black]

Position E:
Fritz Proposes Variation #2 to 11. e5

Position F:
12. ... Qb6

Position G:
14. Rb1

Position H:
16. ... Qc5

Position I:
Fritz Proposes Variation #3 to 17. f4

Position J:
18. ... Rac8

Position K:
Fritz Proposes Variation #4 to 19. Ne4

Position L:
20. Bxe4

Position M:
Fritz Proposes Variation #5 to 20. ... Rfd8

Position N:
20. ... Rfd8

Position O:
Fritz Proposes Variation #6 to 21. Qe3

Position P:
22. ... Bxa2

Position Q:
Fritz Proposes Variation #7 to 23. Rb4

Position R:
23. ... Bc3

Position S:
Fritz Proposes Variation #8 to 24. Ra4

Position T:
24. ... bxa4

Position U:
Fritz Proposes Variation #9 to 25. Bb7

Position V:
25. Bb7

Position W:
Fritz Proposes Variation #10 to 25. ... Rb8

Position X:
26. ... Rb1

Position Y:
Fritz Proposes Variation #11 to 27. Rc1

Position Z:
27. ... Rxc1+

Position AA:
Fritz Proposes Variation #12 to 28. Bg1

Position BB:
29. ... Rxf1#

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