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Petition to keep old.chess.com alive

Petition to keep old.chess.com alive

May 7, 2017, 11:04 PM 668
Dear friends,

As many of you know chess.com is developing a new version (v3) of the website. It's already running and is on the way to improve itself.

But the problem is that when the new version will be completely ready, they will shut down the older version. 

A lot of us love old interface for its clear and informative design. The number of people using old.chess.com (v2) is a clear evidence to that. Many functions of old version are useful, easy and comfortable. We still miss these elements in the new one.

That is why we ask for your support, dear users of chess.com, to help us make sure that everyone will still have an opportunity to choose which site version he would be willing to play:

"We, the chess.com community, petition the founder of chess.com and chief executive officer Erik and the administration to keep old version of the website permanently available for any player preferring it to the new site."

All those who love OLD.chess.com we kindly ask to support this petition with their votes and signatures in the link below.


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