Lesson #2 Main defense


Okay, so now we stopped making blunders and mistakes.  Hopefully we won't make any more mistakes/blunders.  I still make them when I play when I'm... I don't know, unhealthy?  

Well, anyways for some reason I go out of focus, and can't play awesomely, so, my rating will continue to be about 1200 until I stop making mistakes.  I think my rating would be at least 1400 if I never made mistakes according to how I play.  Possibly 1600, but I think, maybe that just might be overboard.  

Anyways, this lesson is vital.  Make sure always that your king isn't threatened, because it is your key piece in the game, and without it, you cannot win.  Always check that your opponent cannot put you in checkmate. Otherwise, you may fall for checkmate very early in the game, or you may even fall for fool's mate, a 4-move checkmate.  Or even worse, I have seen a 3-move checkmate, but that would be very unlikely.  I looked up a video, and there's even a 2-move checkmate, but you'd have to be horrible to do that.

Video below: