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Beginner's Luck: The Knight Fork

Beginner's Luck: The Knight Fork

Mar 18, 2010, 9:26 AM 1

  Hello guys, Its QC here, and I'm gonna talk about Knight Forks.

Knight forks have always been an essential part of my game, even now. What are Knight forks? Knight forks are when a knight attacks two pieces at once, and the opposition has to choose one piece to save, usually the more valuable piece.

When I was a beginner (I still am!), Knight Forks were awesome for me, pulling off a Knight fork, that feeling of triumph, was just amazing. But unfortunately, 1000+ players seem to know how to defend against a potential Knight fork. But if you want to pull it off against stronger players, you have to be a bit cunning... hehehe...
Sacrifices are also a big part in Knight forks, its a lethal weapon in dangerous situations.
This is QC, signing off.

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