Chess in Harry Potter

Aug 2, 2009, 8:59 PM |

I just watched the first HP movie again, as I had nothing to do. And being such a faithful, interested student of chess, I was confused by the chess game in the end, where Ron bravely commits suicide and the queen goes to checkmate him. However Harry could have checkmated White anyway, so how does it work?

As I had no school, I decided to burn some time, and Googled the chess game. And I found out that Warner Bros. had contacted a International Master (IM) Jeremy Silman, to actually make the endgame. But due to time constraints, they cut out the endgame.

So, being the nice, charitable soul I have, here is the endgame Harry and his friends played to win the game.

Just so I don't get sued or anything. I'd like to give all credit to the following site.