Reaching your chess goals

Jan 2, 2016, 9:57 AM |

What are your goals this year? It doesnt matter if your goal is to become a master or play in a rated tournement for the first time these ten tips will help you reach your goals.

Tip #1
Make your goals realistic, dont make your goal to be a chess master if you havent even played in a tournement.

Tip #2
Make your goals specific, make sure to specify how you will acheive your goal. Dont just say that you are going to become a chess master, tell how you will do it.

Tip #3
Stick to your goals. I know this may sound obvious but if you stick to it you will eventully achive your goal.

Tip #4
Keep track of your progress in a chart or graph. Look at this graph when you are feeling like you are getting nowhere and see your progress.

Tip #5
Make checkpoints in your goals. Say that you want your rating to be at 1600 by June and then 1800 by July and then achive all the to checkpoints and you will achive your goal.