Prologue Preview

Prologue Preview

Feb 20, 2017, 8:18 AM |


Being a reader, I like to dabble in the art of writing. So, I thought of sharing some of my work here - where one can get truthful feedback! wink.png

Please keep in mind, this was written as a prologue - not a short story. Enjoy! happy.png


I could never understand why you would want to send someone to their doom, or at least that’s how I’ve pictured it from 10 years of age. Before that I thought the caves were a wonderful place where wishes come true...

It was my brother’s initiation. He seemed nervous, like everyone else. As tradition has it, all the initiates had to enter the caves, where they received an assignment. If they succeeded and returned to the blinding sunlight, they were seen as superiors. They would be respected.

He entered the caves, but that was the last time I saw him. I waited for him to return, but like many others, he never did.

The superiors never told us anything about their experience in the caves. It’s only when one of the still-to-be-initiated asked about the caves that they give anything away: Some get a gleam in their eye – maybe remembering excitement - others struggle to keep the flood of tears at bay. Fear, anger and depression are other expressions I’ve witnessed, engraved onto the faces of those who have seen too much.

I’ve heard, inside the cave a humongous beast guards a treasure. The treasure consists of piles of valuable objects, glistening in the sunlight which seeps in through the cracks. Your task is simple: return with a coin without waking the beast. At least it seems simple enough, until you set foot inside the cave, then it’s simply impossible.

I’ve never quite believed in these stories, because most of them we made up as children, looking for something to keep our curiosity at bay - but I’ve never stopped wondering what happens within those walls...


Any and all feedback will be appreciated! Hoped you enjoyed this short preview... happy.png