Me vs Myself

Apr 2, 2018, 2:14 PM |
Hello all readers. In this blog post, I have posted a game I played against myself using only pencil and paper to write down the moves of the game. No chess board of any ind, no drawing the position and no taking notes. Just the moves of the game. In order to complete the game, I had to visualize the whole game in my head, so of course there were many illegal moves and blunders, especially near the end of the game, which I just called a draw because I had lost track of more than a few pieces. Each time I came to an illegal move in the game while creating this post, I adjusted the position as described in the game diagrams and continued the game on the next board. There are 5 boards below, so enjoy the game!

 and after the analysis of all parts of the game, white had 15 excellent moves, 5 good moves, 2 inaccuracies and 16 blunders. Black had 14 excellent moves, 6 good moves, 2 inaccuracies and 16 blunders. I hope you enjoyed this blunderful game!