My Best Win Ever (Debatable) - A RALRAL3333 Chess Game

Sep 9, 2017, 3:43 AM |

Today, I won a game on resignation in daily chess against a 2170 rated player. This is the best player I have beaten ever. The game came during the first round of a tournament, but since the tournament was unrated, this win is not shown as my best win in daily chess. Anyways, I want some feedback in the comments as to if you feel that I should actually count this as a real legitimate win. 


3 reasons to count as a win

- I was playing against a real 2170 rated player and not someone with an inaccurate rating who has not played many games

- I won the game by resignation, not by time

- It was a tournament game


Reasons not to count as a win

- It was an unrated tournament

- No castling was allowed in the tournament


So anyways, post in the comments what you think. If I should count this as a real win or not. Here is the game below and thanks for reading!