The outcomes of black moving pawn to f6 on the second move By RALRAL3333

Jul 21, 2016, 6:28 AM |

After white moves Nf3 on the second move after pawn E4 pawn E5, here are the outcomes of the bad move, pawn f6, assuming that the white knight captures the pawn on E5, and black takes the knight:

First Outcome: Disregarding the rook:

This is winning for white.

Option 2: Moving the king the whole way:

How to stop Option #2 from being a checkmate from white

Choice 1: 

In this puzzle, the Queen can not follow through because the pawn movement opened up the bishop, reducing the white Queen's power.

Choice 2:

As you can see, moving the pawn to f6 is dangerous! Don't do it in this situation!