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Bishop pair wins the game

Bishop pair wins the game

Jan 12, 2010, 7:16 PM 1

I played the following game at my local chess club yesterday. The time control was 2 hours for both players with no increments.

During the opening (which was a bit odd anyway) the queens quickly left the board which usually means it is a bit harder to win. I decided to put my stakes on the Bishop pair, so I made quite a few moves aimed at preserving both of them. (I also definitely didn't want to reach an opposite coloured bishop ending since they are known to be drawish).

During the game I succeeded in preserving my Bishops until the position was winning. To make sure I actually collected the point for my team (we are a team of 6) I had to ensure a pawn promotion. The game was exciting to almost the end, also because I had much less time than my opponent after spending long thoughts on how to best proceed. (I could imagine burning too much time is a common problem for chess players facing those "I should win" type positions).

I think that all in all the game was quite entertaining. I have provided annotations with the aid of Fritz 11.


P.S. the final score for my team was a 4 - 2 victory Smile

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