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Club competition Round 1

Club competition Round 1

Oct 14, 2009, 9:45 AM 2

Tuesday evening I played the first game of the external competiton of my chess club. It took place at a medium distance from my hometown (45 minute drive) and it was a 6 boards event. I have no rating yet so I was put on board six, where I played as black.

In this game white played the scotch, and I resorted to my usual Qh5 line (I have some experience with it on live chess). This move proves the scotch a gambit, but white does indeed get quite a lot of activity and open lines for the pawn. I had to play very accurate and it was all rather dangerous, but I think I did well.

In the end I was down to 15 minutes and my opponent to 25. I was still up a pawn and though there was still some danger left in the position it wasn't anything lethal. I was worrying though that time might become an issue (and if so maybe a draw would have been a cop out, but when to offer it?)

Then, he played a faulty combination that meant I wound up in the endgame up an exchange and pawn. The overall team score was 3-3 (+2 =2 -2), so a good thing that I won!

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