Fire on the board

In the game beneath I played an exchange french to ensure myself (being white) of open play. It is not known to be a very ambitious line, but I'm thinking it may suit my style better.

After going for the exchange french I did play ambitious moves, maybe too ambitious at some point, and black managed to create some counterpressure. The result of this was that he won a pawn, but I was more than compensated by even more open lines, the bishop pair and a wrecked black kingside to play to.

Near the end I missed a great move and played a weak one that could well have lost the game (20. Be5?? as opposed to the simply winning 20. Rxc6).

The game was still drawn, but that I missed as I was stressed out about my blunder and maybe because it wasn't that obvious. Black could then have won - but he also overlooked the crucial resource.

The mate is quite nice Smile



  • 7 years ago


    Well, the 'amount' is a mere two but thanks anyway Smile

    I was wondering though, in this game black also has the bishop pair. I just felt I benefitted from my pair more, but I'm not sure if (in this situation) it is justified to talk about 'having the bishop pair' as an advantage. 

    Any opinions on that?

  • 7 years ago


    Nice game and very instructive annotations! I especially like that black would've been better if he'd taken the c3 pawn with his bishop first whereas taking with the knight was just a mistake.

    I think you should be in the top bloggers section, with the amount of blogs you're spitting out the last couple of days.

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