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Losing in the worst way

Losing in the worst way

Sep 22, 2009, 5:23 PM 1

Losing in the worst way

In my third club game I played a 1300 player. I got an advantage fairly quickly and I played, in general, a good game with perhaps only 1 or 2 inaccuracies. There was nothing to suggest that I wouldn't take the point home. Or maybe there was - I was a bit tired and after 2 hours I shortly considered how this might affect my play. But I wasn't prepared for what happened in the end.. I touched the rook.

Thinking that I would deliver the final blow I moved the piece towards its destination square, only to realize that I overlooked my opponents ability to recapture with his own rook. Shocked I gasped and pulled up my head looking at my opponent. "yeah.. you have to move the piece now.. but you can put it wherever you want".

That must have been the least helpful comment of the century, since I either had to give it away like I originally intended or  I would loose my hanging queen. I played on for two moves, which I shouldn't have, stepping straight into a backrank mate. I guess there's not much use playing if you really know you are lost. One of my worst losses, that inspired me to drink beer afterwards.

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