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My 250th live game

My 250th live game

Feb 15, 2010, 11:22 AM 1

The game below is my 250th 'standard' game since the introduction of live chess 2.0, which is why I'm blogging it. It may not be one of my best games, but it was quite entertaining in its own right.

Playing white I encountered a Sicilian defense. I found myself making some opening mistakes, probably starting with 9. Be2?!. My opponent (Zilch, a recent addition to my friend list) exploited my inaccuracies quite nicely and he got quite some queenside pressure. 

My engine didn't think I was ever worse by more than a pawn, but I was quite concerned and burned a lot of time trying to come out of the opening in one piece. My opponent finally made some inaccurate moves and after 15. ..dxc5?! the tables where turned as I launched my kingside attack.

This kingside attack could well have been decisive, but as I had burned all my valuable time earlier on I now was under too much stress to do the proper calculations. I messed up, and I found myself losing after 30. Rd2?. Maybe my opponent was stressed too (He was down to 2,5 minutes against my 40 seconds) because he misstepped in turn with 32. ..Re8?. 

Being down only a pawn I found enough moves quick enough to survive on increments. Black was objectively better but in the end, a last misstep gave me a winning game again - one that I was able to win. 

A thrilling game with a proper number of mistakes on both sides. But who cares if we don't play like computers all the time? After all we are here to have fun too!

Enjoy Smile



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