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My best sacrifice so far

My best sacrifice so far

Jan 28, 2010, 7:39 PM 3

In the following Budapest Gambit my opponent played some minor inaccuries in the opening. These allowed me to get equality as black, and from there on to build some kingside pressure.

Just when I was about to be chased back, I decided (after some thought) that a certain piece sacrifice should be sound. It was hard to calculate all lines (and I didn't calculate them all) but I felt the conditions where right. To play beautiful chess, sometimes you have to risk things a bit. I think the sacrifice is my best yet because it was made mostly on positional grounds, and because it would have done ok with best play too.

My most notable error in this game would be missing an objectively faster way to win. Putting that aside I think the game was of a pretty high level!
I would like to thank my opponent for playing this game with me, and I hope you enjoy going over it! Smile


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