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My first club game

My first club game

Sep 9, 2009, 5:47 AM 1

My first club game

Below is my first game played OTB in a chess club. I played against the oldest member (apparantly 91 years old) who was rated around 1630. There was a very nice atmosphere, but I was still a bit tense. Maybe that would help explain some inaccuracies in the opening (in particular 14. Ne4? had me sweating for black's reply).

I obtained a winning position, but when I opted for the strongest continuation I missed blacks strongest reply. If only I had thought it through then nothing would have been lost, but I think I was unreasonably startled. What follows is an endgame that should have been won, becomes drawn after a few inaccuracies and lost after a misguided king move.

In general though I had good fun and having played my first club game I'm quite sure the next one can only be better Smile. The game is below annotated with the aid of Fritz 10.


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