My first tournament - Part 1

My first tournament - Part 1

Mar 25, 2014, 9:07 AM |

Hello everyone, welcome back again!

Last weekend I played in my first actual chess tournament, which was great fun. I won't bother you with a long introduction this time and shall just share with you my experience from a personal and chess point of view.

In numbers it came down to the following:

My OTB rating
Total Score (discounts the forfeit) 
3/5 by means of +2 =2 -1
TPR (also discounts the forfeit) 

R1 White VS 1762 - Draw
R2 Forfeit
R3 Black VS 1444 - Win
R4 White VS 1584 - Win
R5 Black VS 1531 - Loss
R6 White VS 1611 Draw


Personally, I think this is a decent result that goes with a great (learning) experience. I don't think the result is stellar as I expected to do better than my rating, but I never felt cheated of points either and honestly got lucky last game. 

Now since we're talking chess on a chess site, I think everyone here agrees this is the point where we should start looking at the games, to get the full story straight. So let's get to it! 

Game 1 (RC_Woods versus 1768)
This was a draw against a fine gentleman with a mighty beard, and I think a fine game. 


Continuation (I didn't want to give away the position for the puzzle, but annotations begin where we left off!):

Seeing I drew a strong player, I was quite happy with the result (even though I would have loved to win more, of course!)

Game 2  (Forfeit and then a rapid game)

Game 2, unfortunately, was a forfeit. The reason is I overslept, which has a twofold explanation. The first is I went to town with my opponent of game 1 (remember we were the last ones playing, so it was already around 12PM at that point). My opponent of this game somewhat resembled a chess playing Santa (physically and charismatically - he didn't give so many presents on the board), and I found it hard to turn down this compelling offer from this unique gentleman to have some drinks and celebrate life a bit. The second reason is my alarm malfunctioned, giving me no reason to wake up from what was already a deeper than planned slumber.

Now I did, once I arrived, play a rapid with what would have been my opponent, but since he wasn't playing very seriously and since it was a rapid, I won't bother you with a long analysis of the game - but I do think I played it quite well.

Rapid Game 

Game 3   (1444 versus RC_Woods)

Game 3 was a warzone, quite literally, that erupted from a Budapest. I was under quite some pressure, but once my opponent made one slip, it was all over very quickly.

Puzzle (remember, in the game, white did not play Ng5!)



As you may understand, I was pretty happy at this point with 2,5 points out of 3 games played. The forfeit did bother me but since it wouldn't affect my rating and since I just won, I was just really ready for game 4.

(I guess there was also some relief in the historical symbolical beaty of missing, of all games, game 2, and I jokingly remarked it would have been fitting to continue making a scene over the tournament conditions, but really they were perfect and (both sadly and luckily) I'm no Fischer). 

I hope you enjoyed my summary so far, any questions are welcome and till next part!