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My recent OTB Game with Prooz

My recent OTB Game with Prooz

Jan 30, 2009, 7:06 PM 1

A neat over the board (OTB) game between me and a good friend.

My friend played white and stumbled a bit in the opening with 7. e4?. I handled that wll until I played 16. ..a6?, giving away the advantage. It shortly returned after white playing 19. f4? but I didn't hold on long as 20. ...Kf6? again equalized.

After that, I played some three crazy king moves, that cost me the game in little time, stepping into mate twice. Only notable error from white there was not picking up on that the first time: after 24. ...Kxf4?? its mate in two - 25. Rxe6?? allows black to play for equality.

Without making excuses, I must admit that I was a bit tired and hadn't done the calculation right. In situations like these, that matters. Where Kf6? was excusable, Kxf4?? and Kg4?? weren't. Lesson learned: never cease to calculate, especially not in the ending!

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