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One pawn wins a game

One pawn wins a game

Dec 15, 2009, 9:23 AM 3

One pawn wins a game

In this game between me and ag59 I faced a Queen's pawn opening. Usually these openings get me under pressure and this was no exception. In the post-mortem Fritz thought I was close to losing at some times but never quite there. The reason might be that white overstretched with some not-so-effective attacking moves while healthy development was possible. This would have likely been fatal as I did not have enough space to prevent the gap from getting larger (I would not have been able to develop along with white).

When the onslaught was over I was left standing with equality. A single a-pawn then began his march to greatness. With accurate play white might have reached a locked position but I guess it was meant to be. This is the story of one heroic pawn. (unfortunately he did not live long enough to see victory, but he certainly caused it to happen).



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