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Playing the Computer

Playing the Computer

Feb 12, 2011, 7:24 AM 22
Just a short blog:
As the live chess servers are currently down to maintenance (wondering what the site staff has in store for us.. exciting stuff!) I was coupled with a silicon partner on medium strength. A quick game ensued (I think it took 5 minutes in total) and since I won, I figured why not share it.
I'm sure some improvements could be found (and I'm interested in them), some I came across myself. Overall, though, I think I was equal to better most of the game, with a rather solid position. (My worst part could have been after ..0-0 where I seem to lag a bit in development - any ideas?).
In the end the computer kinda messed up. I guess it was overheating because of all my brilliant moves Tongue out.

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