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The Prooz Games - 01

The Prooz Games - 01

Jan 23, 2009, 3:50 PM 1

In these posts I will blog about my games with Prooz, a friend and fellow chessplayer. Here you will find our first game on the chess.com live servers. We both value time, and with only 10 minutes I do run out of seconds. It should be noted however that the game was both a loss and a loss on time, rather than the last alone.

Chess.com computer analysis and move-list-variatons provided. Personal comments preceded by a "//".

Summary Game 01:

After an inaccurate ..g3, white fails to exploit. f4 - Qf3 is a common theme in other sicilian positions, and White should have thought of an own plan. Black follows up with an excellent build up of threats. White creates some (theoretically unsound) counterthreats, rewarded by a chance at equality. White misses that opportunity, but as the tension builds black does later make a losing move. White blunders in the face of the only real chance to make a comeback. Pieces are exchanged and white looses the firepower and with it all chances for decent counterplay. A few more moves follow until time trouble ends the game for white. A deserved win for Prooz.


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