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The sad king in Budapest

The sad king in Budapest

Jan 10, 2010, 6:48 AM 2

In the following game I played the Budapest defense against 1. d4. It has been featured twice in articles of Silman, and it basically is a gambit. If white plays correctly then black has a lot of tactics and targets in return for the pawn (though with best play white retains a slight edge). If white allows black the pawn back then the game is open and usually equal.

This time white allowed me to get the pawn back with a more or less equal and open game. Then he played some inaccurate moves allowing me easy development and a  good initiative. Objectively white could have maintained equality (though it would have required quite strong play by white) but one fatal misstep with the king allowed black to launch a fatal attack.

Enjoy! (annotations with Fritz 11)



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