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Time pressure kills

Time pressure kills

Jan 10, 2010, 6:21 PM 1

Winning the middlegame alone, as we all know, is not enough to win a chess game. While having the better position with a huge material advantage never hurts, more is required. "A decent endgame technique", I hear you say, but important as that is I'm looking for something more vital still. And that thing is time.

In the game below I played some decent chess and though I was maybe more ambitious than wise I definitely reached the better ending. Then however I had to convert with only two or three minutes left, which eventually became a perpetual 20 seconds. Without increments, this game would have been a loss despite being a full piece up! (I do play with increments to ensure that I don't lose games that are truly won - but of course they are no guarantee I will succeed in those cases)

As you will see in the game below I blew it in the end and only because of a blunder on my opponents side did I avoid the draw. But I did find one pleasing combination under time pressure that I have included as a puzzle. That being said, the game was a good reminder of the importance of time management.


The start

The Puzzle, and beneath it the Time Trouble! :)

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