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My System Study Group Chapter 3: The Seventh & Eighth Ranks

My System Study Group Chapter 3: The Seventh & Eighth Ranks

Nov 24, 2017, 6:59 AM 5

Nimzo reminds us that control or invasion of the seventh and eighth ranks is desireable. That this can and should be accomplished as soon as possible. However it is rare to achieve this goal prior to the endgame.

He makes the point that an attack on a pawn or a square on the seventh rank may require building superior force.

The next two positions are from diagram #27 with added pieces per the text.


Example 27 The 7th Rank
Example 28 Fight for h7.
The 7th Rank 2
The 7th Rank 3
Taking With Check

 Taking With Check 2
Now what follows are examples of the 5 special cases in the 7th rank.
1. "7th rank absolute" with passed pawns.
2. Doubled Rooks give perpetual check.
3. The drawing apparatus Rook + Knight
4. The marauding raid in the 7th rank.
5. Combined play in the 7th and 8th ranks (enveloping maneuver in the corner of the board).
Absolute 7th Rank
Tarrasch vs Lasker
Perpetual Check
The 7th Rank 4
The 7th Rank 5
The 7th Rank 6
Nimzowitsch vs Bernstein
Nimzowitsch vs Eliasstamm


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