My System Study Group Starting Back Up!

Dec 8, 2017, 3:13 PM |

I've been too busy lately. I'm organizing and directing a otb tournament on the 16th. Christmas is coming up. Also some extra family issues. I hope to get back to the My System study group early next year. I could use some support and input from others. I will continue for myself but I had hoped others would join in and share some thoughts. Disappointing. (Since posting this I've been contacted by a couple of people. I'm feeling better about it now.)

Okay chapter 4 The Passed pawn is huge and very important. I'm ready to start on it. I may just put one example up at a time and work through it.

By the way. At my most recent tournament I watched board one. Grand Master and Masters. I noticed something that goes back to our work on the center. I noticed that they played out to a point of contention over control of the center. About 12 to 14 moves in. At that point they took a large chunk of time. Making plans that I'm sure involved how to keep control of their share of the center. I thought that was interesting. I think I tend to not spend the time at that point and end up trying to climb out of a whole the rest of the game.