Online Chess Pros & Cons

Online Chess Pros & Cons

Jan 25, 2018, 3:21 PM |

So I've been thinking about this for a while. How is online chess different from over the board chess? Don't run away there is more to this than I first thought. There are obvious differences and not so obvious differences. 

1. There is no person sitting there across from you. Still you can feel your opponent is out there somewhere. Unless you're playing a computer opponent.  

2. Time controls. Of course you can play blitz or other time controls that match up with otb play. However if you play a time control measured in days. You only find that in correspondence or online. This can be a positive or a negative. The positive is you can put a lot of deep thought into your move. The negative is by the time it's your move again you may have forgotten what you had in mind. I keep saying I'm going to make use of the notes feature, but I rarely do. Also I find myself working through a bunch of games making move one after another. Taking a few seconds sometimes to pick a move. Even though I have 3 days.

3. 2D vs 3D. No matter how you display the board it's still on a 2D computer screen. In some ways it seems easier to see what is happening yet it doesn't seem real. This can feed into number 4.

4. Lack of importance. Sometimes it just seems like a video game. Who cares if you win or lose. Also I sign up for tournaments / matches into the future and then I make it into the next round of a tournament I'm in. Next thing I know I've got too many games going.

So I struggle with all of this and still enjoy the fun of being able to play any time night or day.

5. You can find a game 24 hours a day! Any time control you wish! Over the board can't come close to that feature. 

What do you think?