My greatest chess mistake.

When I first started playing chess back in the day, I was always wanting to learn new openings. I started out with the "barcaza systems" (KIA,KID, and pirc). I enjoyed these for a while. I loved being able to get to the real part of the game quickly and safely. I didn't always have a steep advantage and most time probably no advantage at all. However, I kept setting up my little home and enjoyed the games.

As I got older, I really wanted to up my game. I am currently rated in the mid 1900s. I can honestly say that I tried to solve my problems with new openings. I neglected learning positional chess and endings. My tactics were not too shabby, but they could have been much better.


In short, don't waste all your time studying openings. It is a pitfall that I fell into. I thought this new gambit would cause me to win in only a few moves. It is a lazy and unrealistic approach  Find something you like and continue to learn it.  I am going to go back to my "barcaza roots" and see if I can make it to expert. I think another important factor is to have fun. I think I took it too seriously when there is no point for me to. I don't plan on making any money off of chess or even care about getting a title. I, however, found myself studying main line openings which was not that beneficial in practical play. Have fun and don't take yourself too seriously!

For a fun read and chess enlightenment I recommend any of Jeremy Silman's books.

I'll end with this quote. "Good players develop a tactical instinct, a sense of what is possible or likely and what is not worth calculating."  -  Samuel Reshevsky

Here is the "barcaza (house) setup."


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    Yeah I agree madrabbit. I was/am the same way. Always focusing so much on the opening when I am so much weaker in other areas. Getting a great position out of the opening is nice...but it only goes so far if your middle game/ end game is weak. Thanks for the comment.

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    by the way , i count 7 moves to get the barcuza setup , seems i would find it hard to get set up before i was attacked

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    bro , youve helped me some , i to have been struggeling with openings hoping to up my game , i always believed each opening had a counter opening , if i played the correct opening agaisnt it , i would have the advantage, but when we play online , we dont study or even know our oppenants a lot of times , so we have no clue what opening they may use, and yes , i take it way to seriously somtimes . i think if i learned to control my emotions that would probably up my game ! i know i havent seen you in a couple years , but doesnt play well on my pc, constantly losing connections , with my extreme emotional game , that cant be good , but im learning :)

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    thank you for sharring that.Smile

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