Chess Has An Undone Business Between Kasparov And Carlsen

Chess Has An Undone Business Between Kasparov And Carlsen

Jul 10, 2017, 8:37 AM |

Chess society is quite luckier compare to National Basketball Association (NBA) ... why?

NBA fans are hoping for the match up that will never be happened; The match up between Michael Jordan and Lebron James. An unending debate of whoever is the GOAT between two is taking place in many unrealistic discussion where the fact it couldn't have a closure.

As well in chess, we are rooting for different Chess World Champion that leads to same debate. Who is the real GOAT in Chess? Is Morphy, Capablanca, Alekhine, Fischer, Kasparov or Carlsen?

Well, somehow we can see a glimpse of hope whether "who" if Gary Kasparov will take his comeback seriously. I am not saying, having a Championship match with Magnus Carlsen will also close the discussion - but it could define some angles.

At age 13, Carlsen was able to hold his grip against Kasparov. The match was a breath-taking moment seeing Kasparov in disadvantage position against the rising star from Norway - at the end experience ruled.

Today, Carlsen is enjoying his immortality when he defended his being number 1 in terms of ranking and his title as Chess World Champion. But, is he getting bored when he knows the nearest player to his current strength is none so far?

I don't want to sound pro-Carlsen, because I am not! I never enjoy his tedious style. Let just be fair for the sake of reality.

When Kasparov was asked about the good contender for Carlsen, he stated that Wesley So can be one of those. I definitely favor for this forecasted match up, however, Wesley needs to find his way against Carlsen. Who knows, it's So vs Carlsen for the next WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIPS.

But before we excite ourselves on that matter, I think Carlsen vs Kasparov will be a classic Chess World Championships Match Ever in history of chess. What do you think?

It thrills many players globally when they read news about a shocking comeback of former World Chess Champion Gary Kasparov. Wow! Finally, there is someone from 1990's era (aside from Vishy Anand) who will give us a flashback memory in real-time games. Though, Kasparov has shown is undying skills when he played with So, Nakamura and Caruana in Ultimate Blitz Tournament in 2016, still we could see rustiness due to long rest.

If Kasparov is serious about comingback from his decade retirement make sure he is willing to challenge Magnus Carlsen for a Title Match. This what fans are looking for and this will bring new face on chess.

For this moment, what we can only do is to wait for Kasparov to hear our long-hope. Gary Kaparov, take your comeback seriously and have a historical match with Carlsen.