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Philippine Grandmaster Hates To Say Goodnight

Philippine Grandmaster Hates To Say Goodnight

Jul 10, 2017, 1:39 AM 0

Chess.com is the best and no. 1 platform for chess players and fanatics - this is Facebook of woodpushers. Here, we can witness the real-time games from on-going tournament by elite Grandmasters. And as well have a chance to play with other players globally. We enjoy the perks of this well-defined and established chess site. As we delighting in the pleasure brought by chess.com, some drama has been appeared on the scene and became a talk-of-the-town. 


Few months ago players who are enjoying the intensity on "live chess" have experienced an exhilaration when one Grandmaster from the Philippines had gone 24 hours without a break. Players who had already been rested the whole night were astonished finding this GM was still online and crushing his opponent. 


This GM is none other than GM Rogelio "Joey" Antonio as gmjoey1. His action-packed game earns viewers from different country. He also enjoys the company of other players who gave him a good nod for his passion. 


GM Joey Antonio an active chess.com player is active as well on his Facebook account. He accepts good talk and chitchat from friends and fans. You can find him very approachable and accommodating. 


Is he still active on "live chess"? 


I am not sure about it. One thing I know, GM Joey is involved and pretty active on Philippine Chess Group that conducting a chess online tournaments. 






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