Italian Game, Two Knights Defense, Fried Liver Attack and other responses


Fried Liver Attack arises from Italian Game. Here are explained ideas behind the opening 

From this interesting position which can be called Knight Attack (after 4.Ng5), black can enter Traxler Counterattack (called also Wilkes-Barre Variation) with 4... Bc5, which leads to a crazy game where both sides throw everything at the enemy's king. However, black is most likely to play 4...d5 and go into Polerio Defense with 5...Na5, which has many continuations and is considered best at this point. After that it appears white is temporarily up a pawn, therefore some players would play 5...Nxd5 to equalize material, and there white's great attack begins. White has two great options: immediate capture on f7, or delaying it for a while and playing d4 instead.
 There is also a line that I found to be referred as Ponziani-Steinitz Gambit, but it's likely favoring white.

Let's take a closer look into Fried Liver Attack now. Analysis past move 10 has been thankfully held by IM pfren (on Unfortunately, I lost this one, but the game itself had been nice.

And here are some interesting  masters' games.

Though Ruy Lopez (3.Bb5) is played much more often at grandmaster level, Italian Game provides some crazy attacking possibilities which are exciting and fun for both sides. Some additional materials for Italian fans: