Thoughts On Chess pt 2

Oct 25, 2007, 1:46 AM |

Chess must be one of those rare things encountered in life that has the capability to drive a man mad. And in this long evening of chess games, opening study, transposing games into analysis engines and so on and so forth...I wonder if i've learned anything except for how not to trap my own bishop during a Ruy Lopez gone bad. That...I will never forget...

But there were some wonderful moments today in the world of chess as well...where I chased a bishop around the board winning it in a similar fashion to which i lost earlier. There were those moments where I was able to find the move that would earn me a free bishop or a knight, or a sneaky fork or pin of some kind that got me out of trouble. There were a few times I was clever and those times were great.

And i think that despite being a complete amature at this blasted game, I think that Chess drags people back to it time and time again because of those paticular moments when you know you've done something right...not juts right though...more than right, genius. You can sense your opponent tense immediately and you know you have him on the run.

Of course, I have also discovered that it is impossible to play chess or truly absorb any chess related information at 4AM after not sleeping for 23 hours.

So then this part ends...and tommorow resumes...