1st Ever Amateur Chess League Knockout Stage Begins!

1st Ever Amateur Chess League Knockout Stage Begins!

IM Rakesh

Amateur Chess League is organized by Corporate Chess India in Association with IM Nubairshah Shaikh, ChessDudes (Channel hosted by IM Sankalp Gupta & IM Sammed Shete) and Chess.com India as the official media partner and Chess.com as the playing platform.

The League was announced to happen with 24 teams on first come first serve basis with the following criteria :

1. Playing Team Average Shall be less than 1400 (FIDE Standard Rating was considered).

2. Maximum FIDE rating of the player must be 2000 as of September 1st, 2020.

3. If not FIDE rated (Standard), the player must have a chess.com highest blitz rating of less than 2200 as of September 1st, 2020, with the account created before 1st August 2020 with a minimum of 20 games played.

Organizers were surprised by the enormous response as after the announcement of the league, within 48 hours all the slots were booked! With the Support of Chess.com & other technical officials, Organizers extended the Team count to 32. In all, we had a participation of 169 players from all over India. Few Players were playing from foreign countries as they were out there for studies. Organizers managed to cater best possible timings for all these players in order to ensure that all players give their best possible results in the league!

The entire event was Streamed on YouTube Channels of Corporate Chess India, IM Nubairshah Shaikh, ChessDudes. The Players were asked to join a zoom meeting as a Fairplay measure. All the pairings from Chess.com were managed by Chief Arbiter IA Vivek Sohani while IA Swapnil Bansod was incharge of updating results to Chess-Results.com. IA Ganesh Babu was assigned as the Fairplay officer.

Ojasva Singh was Highest rated player from League with ELO Rating of 1933. He had an unbeaten score of 6.5 out of all possible 7. He led this team Gwalior Fighters quite efficiently as they finished 2nd in Pool C. Shreyam Mishra scored 6.5/7 on top board in Pool C from Team Demolition Boys who finished on Top Spot from Pool C.

Few Best games from the league :

1. Mayank Sharma Nandkishore (Team Harry - ID positionalmaniac ) Annotator: IM Nubairshah Shaikh 

2. Chaitanya Sunil Deshpande  : Nalin Gupta - Annotator: IM Sammed Shete

3. Soni Atharv : Pragya Jain - Annotator : IM Sankalp Gupta

Ranking Crosstables for Pool A : Click here

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Ranking Crosstables for Pool D : Pool D

32 Teams were divided into 4 pools as per their average team rating to make all pools equally balanced. The pool stage was played in Round Robin format on 12th & 13th September 2020.  The top two teams from each pool are now qualified for the knockout stage where they play for Spot in the Semifinals. 

Pairings for Quarter Finals : Click here