Active Defense

Active Defense

WIM Raluca_Sgircea


Some time ago I came across this game played in the 2015 Russian Team Championship between Grandmasters Nepomniachtchi and Sjugirov and one variation caught my eye, so I decided to share it with you. The game was a Najdorf Sicilian, namely the Adams Attack, where both sides have been fighting to mate each other’s king. After 27 moves, the game reached the following position:

In this position, black played 27...Be8, allowing white to play 28. h5, followed by g6. The game ended with a beautiful queen sacrifice by Nepomniachtchi. If you haven't already seen the game, I recommend you replay it and try to find the final blow.

Having seen what happened in the game, I wondered if black could have tried to prevent white's plan of h5 and g6 by playing 27… g6 instead of 27…Be8 in this position.

Found it? Check the solution below: