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To anxious for the Checkmate

Oct 9, 2011, 12:47 AM 3

So I finally had this guy where I wanted him, on the way to a checkmate.... or so I thought. I had been patiently waiting for this day our game had lasted for a while and this would be my 1st win over my opponent out of at least 10 games. Ha once again he got me, as my pawn crosses the square and is promoted, and I choose the ultimate gift for his long journey, a Queen, a new life of royolity... I am met with bitter displeasure when reality suddenly hits me!! A stalemate, Not even a check in my eagerness I overlooked his king had NO where to go... Why do I feel like I lost, like my win was taken from, I feel like he still won!! I'll be back!! But what a lesson to learn.... Even in the bitter end PATIENCE is still The Key!!

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