Sep 21, 2007, 10:48 AM |

I like acting so much. When I was in the Philippines I used to appear in the Philippine Movies as a Bit Player Actor in the 1960s. I appeared in many movies at LVN Productions when I was in high school and college taking up Business Administration in Accounting at the University of the East.

When I was not able to get a break to be a character actor, I concentrated on my studies. When I finished my course in Accounting, I came to New York City, USA in July 1970. I worked at many companies in NYC and L.A. and back to NYC as a clerk, sales representative, bookkeeper and accountant. I'm now a retired Filipino-American living in New York City and enjoying it. I visit the Philippines almost every year.

Now that I'm retired, I would like to go back to acting in the Philippines but I'm already old to do it and besides who will still hire me at my age. I was not able to get a break when I was younger, the more I will not get a break now that I'm already old. But if somebody will make a mistake to get me as a character actor I will take it to appear in the Philippine movies again anytime.

My picture on my profile was taken and printed by my cousin in 2004. Artista means actor so he post it as Ray "Artista" Duque for President. I like the words so much that's why I posted it as my profile picture. I'm calling myself the unknown actor in the Philippines.

Ray Duque III (GMBD), New York City