My 6 Years At - Ray Duque III

My 6 Years At - Ray Duque III

Sep 21, 2013, 6:28 AM |

Today is my 6 years at and counting. I rgistered to this site on September 21, 2007. I'm one of the oldest Filipino-American members in this site. Some of the Filipinos and Filipino-American who registered here before and after I registered here were no longer here but maybe they came back with another name or username.

In my 6 years at, I'm a SA and admin of several Filipino and non-Filipino groups/teams. I created a few Filipino groups/teams at this site.

I'm posting at the notes, forums, news, events of some Filipino and non-Filipino groups/teams and also posting at the forum and blogs of I was playing chess on line, live chess, team matches, chess tournaments but I stoped it. I will resume playing again someday. I have some friends here and chat with them at the group/team notes. I posted some stories at the notes, forums, news, event. I have also some pictures in almost every group/team I joined. I'm creating team matches with my name as a title of the team matches.

I was also mentioning to my friends about the ballroom dancing which is my hobby. My name also appeared at the chessopedia. My name is also in the Internet.

I'm enjoying my stay here at and hopefully I will be here for many, many more years to come.

Thank you all,



Ray Duque III (GMBD), USA