Cleveland Open Round 4

Aug 26, 2013, 7:30 PM |

The tournament was looking good for me on Sunday morning.  After Saturday's games, there was one leader at 3.0, and 8 of us were at 2.5, with two rounds to go.  I refused to think about winning money, and just decided to have fun.

But first things first.  The round started at 10, so the boys and me looked up an early church service near the tournament site.  Being in church made us about 15 minutes late to the tournament site, so my opponent got a slight time advantage.  But the outgoing Lutheran pastor, who found out why we were visiting, pronounced a blessing on our play, so it all came out at least even. 

My opponent in this round was a young fellow.  I had just read Jeremy Silman's article about how to play chess like an old guy, so I had ideas how the play would go.

In a very long game, the leader of the section was held to a draw, so this win put me in a 5 way tie for first place going into the last round.