Dec 1, 2008, 10:21 PM |

A day will come and the chess game will finish .. and the result will be  1  or  0  or draw

And A day will come Innocent, and all the people  will know the true  information from false information ..but there will be no draw

and the results of your logic will appear .. and your marks will be written

excatly same as the teacher and the students ..

all your personality that you made it all these years and all the mind that you fill it with what you like ,, will face the questions  of GOD...

and finally the results will be  very very important to you

that time you will only wish to comeback to the life again and do better  than  what you are doing now.. and think more positave and  try your best .

So we can work from now .while we still have the time . and recalculate our  thoughts ..

and never neglect anything..

the solution needs any single information

and never give up..