Dec 1, 2008, 10:14 AM |

On this earth .. in this life ... we have a lot of things .science .  information .  countries . homes . cars . factories..

among all things there are somethings shared between us all ...

the water .. the air .. the grass ....

And somethings that comes from the sky .. the rain . the snow ..

But the most important things that are FOR ALL OF US , is the messages from GOD ...they are not for few people .. but for all ..

no body on earth is the owner of the Bible ... and no body is the owner of the Quran

no one after them can say  that I have a message from GOD ,, a book from GOD ,, and God kept him or kept his false message becasue they were the last books and messages to people on earth

And the Bible and the Quran remained till now ...

and the Quran is supporting the Bible with the full stories about the past and lot of future evidences ...information .. commandments.. facts.. descriptions of hell , paradise . angels ..God's Actions

no other source on the earth can tell us same as those holy books . and that's why we need them  and we care about them .. we can't take one and leave the other ..

we can't believe in one and not believe in the other one..

our puzzle in this life is to know about the changes that happened .. specially because of the translations...

to read from the  source book is the best way to understand it ..

and there are lot of things that you need to learn them from the time that they existed .. to enable you to understand the words which used that time ..

the quran source is in ARABIC language and still as it is because of the memorizing .. and also it is everywhere in the world .. and with the translations  together ..and that gives it a special value  as it is the last book from GOD

if God promised that he Will keep the book . he will keep it ..

if he said that he will only keep some pages or one word .. then he means that

if he like to remove some pages or add . also he can do that ..

we can't say then .. No.