Great Creations Part 1

Feb 28, 2009, 11:01 PM |

The creation of the Earth and the seven skies :

Before the creation of the man  of course   the earth and the skies have been created , because  without preparing the earth and without the sky  then the man can't live on earth ..

God prepared the earth first and make it suitable for living : the oxigen , the water , the green trees , the rivers , seas .. animals   , so you can eat food from trees and the meet from the animals..

the sky is  necessary to live on earth and without the sky then the earth will burn  and  no oxigen will be to live .... who prepared that else than GOD ?

who prepared the earth to be suitable for living

my very simple Conclusion here is that the creation of the skies and earth and the preparation of them to be suitable for us  done before the man comes to live oon earth .. If the bigbang created the earth and the sky then how it created the man at once like this ?  the man can't live without having everything ready for him ..